Trumag - Services

Our services,
constantly evolving.

With Trumag SA, the worksite is constantly evolving, with new laying and finishing techniques.

Always the best for our customers.

1. Building finishes

Trumag SA is very active in the private and industrial building sector.

Over the years, Trumag Sa has carried out various finishing and painting jobs for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, also handling the selection of top-quality materials.

2. Renovation, construction and demolition of interiors

- Demolition and construction of indoor partition walls
- Demolition and building of floor-level screeds, construction assistance for electricians and plumbers.

3. Home Climate System

Rasom Wood Technology puts all its expertise into the construction of buildings with exceptional performance, self-sufficient from an energy standpoint, fire and earthquake-resistant, guaranteeing their inhabitants a healthy and comfortable environment.


Additional services

Trumag offers its customers a series of additional services aimed at completing its offer.

  • Demolitions

  • Sheet metal work
  • Carpentry
  • Controlled demolitions
  • Concrete cutting and boring
  • "Faraone Srl" see-through architecture

  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Video inspections